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Advantages of Hiring a Local Accountant

Advantages of Hiring a Local Accountant

Today’s business environment has witnessed substantial transformations with technology advancing by leaps and bounds. With these technological advancements, most professions have witnessed a paradigm shift in how they function. Vendor services that were once personalised have now become mostly automated, with the human touch diminishing day by day. The accounting profession has also, almost, lost the personalised touch it used to have earlier. What formerly used to be a localised profession has today turned into full-fledged automated systems that require no human involvement. Local accountants help break this monotony by bringing the human touch back to the accounting profession.

Local accountants are usually hired by local or small business as they offer several benefits to these businesses. Below is a consolidated list of the advantages of hiring local accountants.

Advantages of hiring local accountants

  • Personalised services
  • Lower costs
  • Trust
  • Approachability
  • Convenience
  • Easy to find the right fit
  • Local regulations

Personalised services:

Local accountants, unlike accountants in large firms, have the opportunity of building personalised relationships with their clients, which usually works in their favour. With local accountants, clients know who exactly they are working with, and the best part is that they don’t have to move from one department to the other to get their work done. Local accountants offer personalised services, as they are directly in touch with the clients and know them personally. Building a personalised relationship helps local accountants understand the needs and challenges faced by their clients in a better manner, which, in turn, assists them in offering services that are a perfect fit.

Lower costs:

Small enterprises and start-ups have a strict budget to follow, and hence, they are always on the lookout for cost-effective services that can be accommodated without tearing down their budget. In such scenarios, the accountant’s fee is crucial, and it varies greatly. Local accountants are known to charge less than what large accounting firms would usually charge. Small enterprises or start-ups are always more likely to hire local accountants, as it helps them keep their business costs lower. These enterprises are also more likely to hire local accountants to keep costs low for sustaining their position in the competitive marketplace.


Everything accounting deals with is related to financials, and it is not an easy task for any business owner to trust strangers or random vendors with their company financials. This is one of the major reasons small firms prefer handling their financials personally without the assistance of outsiders. In such cases, local accountants are the remedy to the problem. Business owners usually seek the counsel of acquaintances while trying to hire someone they can trust with their finances. Find an accountants are usually referrals or recommendations from friends or family. Therefore, they already have a reputation in the local community and are known by many, which increases the trust factor for clients who might be working with them in future. This is exactly how business owners hired accountants from their locality before the Internet entered the lives of people. Local accountants know their customers personally and already have a known reputation in the local community.


Clients can always approach their local accountant, when in need, without having to go through a lot of hassle, which is very unlikely to happen in large accounting firms. Ease of approachability is one the major benefits offered by local accountants. Since local accountants work either individually or as a part of small, local accounting firms, their main focus happens to be customer satisfaction and retention, as losing even a single client could mean significant loss in terms of the business revenue. Local accountants, therefore, ensure they keep the gates of communication open for their clients, thereby offering easy approachability.      

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One of the major objectives of all businesses, whether big or small, is to save on precious time, and hiring local accountants is one of the best ways of saving the time spent on complex accounting tasks. Local accountants offer not only tailored services but also deliver these services at the doorstep, resulting in the saving of crucial business hours. Moreover, small businesses, many a time, work and hire people on a per-hour basis; therefore, making the most out of the available time is extremely important for them. Apart from saving time, local accountants also can be of great help during emergencies. If clients were to suddenly face an accounting emergency, it would be easier for local accountants to make a site visit, due to the locational proximity. Had any accountant other than a local accountant be handling an emergency, the most they would be able to offer is assistance over the phone, which might not really come in handy.

Easy to find the right fit:

When companies work with local accountants, they have the opportunity to check if the accountant’s services are matching their requirements. The location-friendliness offers business owners the chance of personally knowing their accountant to decide whether he/she is the right choice. They can also check if the work ethics of the accountant live up to and match the long-term goals of their business, as it is equally important that accountants understand the ethical commitments of the company they are working with.

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Local regulations:

Every county has its own local regulations. Sometimes, these regulations might even be unique to a specific county. Moreover, all counties have different tax rates, codes and incentives, and not every accountant will be well-versed with the same. Local accountants have a deeper understanding of the tax regulations that are specific to the locality/area that they work in. They help businesses tune their accounting processes as per the government regulations and guidelines, which assists in ensuring compliance. Non-compliance may result in companies paying huge penalties or even losing their practice license. As and when the regulations change, local accountants can also help business owners understand the impact these changing regulations would have on their business.

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