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Grants, loans and freebies: Financial help for your Business

Grants, loans and freebies: Financial help for your Business

Great Recession of 2008 was a major setback to almost all the powerful economies of the world. United Kingdom too has faced its impact with the contraction of its GDP after a 16 year growing trend. To regain the economic strength after recession, UK has leaned on the entrepreneurial spirit hidden in every corner of the country.

To give life to entrepreneurial spirit, UK has announced various grants, entrepreneurial loans and freebies to boost the growth of small businesses and self-employed individuals. People pursuing their entrepreneurial ideas can avail any of the schemes and realize their dreams.

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Grants are provided to aspiring entrepreneurs in the form of cash, equipment, tools or subsidies in using resources to small business owners and entrepreneurs. Some of the grant schemes available to small businesses are as follows

Direct grants –Direct grants are cash awards provided to aspiring entrepreneurs to execute a project or a business plan. Grants fund a considerable percentage (nearly half) of your project cost or equal to the money that you have raised or invested in the project. These grants have regulations and agreements to regulate the spending of grant money on the project.

Use the Business Finance Support Finder link to find the list of grants provided to entrepreneurs

Innovate the UK – A funding initiative started by the UK government to provide funding opportunities to foster innovation in the start-up ecosystem. This initiative is a part of UK Research and Innovation that cultivates innovation and provides funding. Some of the funding opportunities under Innovate UK are

  • Knowledge Transfer Partnerships
  • Small Business Research Initiative (SBRI)
  • Innovation to Commercialisation of University Research (ICURe)
  • International programmes
  • Investment accelerator

For more details and eligibility criteria, click this link

Business support grants –These are grants that support the small businesses or start-ups to find resources, talent, expertise or other facilities to run their business with reduced costs.

Start-ups with minimal initial capital have a tough time finding the required expertise or talent to run their business. Hence these training and resource grants provide traction to the rising start-ups.

Business support grants run by local councils across the UK provide support to small businesses in the form of money, workshops, business incubation, advisory services, and training.

UK Government has setup regional business support helplines which offer free business consultation and advice over the phone to the businesses. Also, the government has set up expert networks to extend their knowledge and expertise to the small businesses to keep them updated with the latest advancements in business operations.

Tax relief – Government runs numerous tax relief schemes to ease the tax burden of small businesses based on eligibility

Employment Allowance relief reduces the National Insurance contributions of the employees of small business

Business rates relief – Businesses occupying only one property whose rateable value is less than £15,000 can apply for tax relief

Corporation Tax relief – Start-ups investing in Research and Development can apply for Corporation Tax relief on the project.

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Other grants – Apart from the above, business grants for young people starting a business, for women, for people over 30 years of age, social entrepreneurs etc. are provided


  • Soft Loans – These are loans provided to small businesses and start-ups with comfortable or generous terms and conditions than the normal loans. Opposed to the grant schemes, the money is borrowed here and is paid back to the lender with less or in some cases no interest. The most famous soft loan offered to start-ups or small businesses are Start-up loans by the government
  • Start-up loans – Individuals looking to start or expand their businesses can borrow Start-up loans from the government. Individuals can borrow up to £25,000 with a fixed interest rate of 6% per annum with a maximum repayment term of 5 years. Apart from this, the government also provides 12 months of free mentoring for the businesses qualified for Start-up loans.
  • Innovation loans – Innovation loans are provided by the UK government to businesses through the Innovate UK initiative with an available corpus of £50 million. These are low interest, flexible loans for Small and Medium Enterprises that carry out experimental development projects in UK. For more details click this link

New Enterprise Allowance

This is an initiative by the government to enable the long term unemployed individuals to set up their own business for a livelihood. NEA provides a weekly allowance for 26 weeks amounting to £1274 to help with the business. Also, the NEA assigns the individual with a mentor who can help in business setup and offer advice.

The government has extended its fullest support in nurturing the entrepreneurship ecosystem to foster its development. Tens of thousands of individuals and businesses have benefitted from these initiatives and contributed to self-development and national economic development.

To get help with all the grants and loans, find an accountant or accounting firms nearby to get guidance for application and funding.

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