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How to Get and also Find Your UTR Number Being Self Employed

How to Get and also Find Your UTR Number Being Self Employed

What is a UTR (Unique Taxpayer Reference) Number?

UTR number stands for Unique Taxpayer Reference number. In the UK not everyone has to complete a tax return. Only those who are earning over the certain threshold or self-employed will need to finish the annual return to inform HMRC about their income and expenses.

When you are completing your tax return, then you’ll be in need of a Unique Taxpayer Reference Number. Many times people mistake their CIS number or national insurance number with the UTR number, but all of these numbers are distinct.

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How Many Digit in UTR Number

UTR number basically consists of a 10 digit number and sometimes ends with a letter K and it is issued only by the HMRC.

How to Apply/Register for a UTR Number

UTR number registration is not so difficult to process and you can apply it at no time if you don’t have that already. You can apply for your UTR number in one of the four ways if you are not self-employed:

  • Register Online at the HMRC website or search for accountants for UTR
  • Call local tax office
  • Apply in writing
  • Book an appointment at the local tax office.

At HMRC website you must complete these 4 main steps-

You must ensure that you already have the National Insurance number of yours by your side before you go on applying for UTR Number.

  • At Government Gateway register for the HMRC’s online service
  • Enroll for self-assessment using the service
  • Your UTR activation code will be sent to you after you enroll for the service by HMRC
  • Use the activation code to activate the UTR number.

As per HMRC, UTR activation code will be sent through the post within a maximum 8 weeks. It may take less time. You must remember that after receiving the activation code you will have 28 days to activate your UTR number.

Getting a UTR number as Self Employed

You are a self-employed person and want to get a UTR number. You must know that it is not a difficult process as many people believe it. With self-employment come certain responsibilities which you have to fulfill. One certain responsibility is sorting out your own taxpaying matters.

To get the Unique Taxpayer Reference or UTR number as a self-employed person, you must ensure to be in touch with the tax office and you are going to notify them that you work for yourself otherwise you can look for accountants near you to do your task here. After you notify this to them, then they will send you a unique ten digit number which they are going to use for their correspondence with you.

How Long Does it take to Get a UTR Number?

Normally it takes around 4 weeks to complete the whole process, but in tax offices sometimes delay can occur mainly if it is the end of a tax year. This may lead to delay in completing the process of UTR number reaching you. Either by calling or by post you can contact the local tax office to check out your UTR number’s status.


You might be very eager to get your UTR number as soon as possible, but you can’t get it online or through phone directly and also quickly. You have to get the information only by mail. You may face some inconvenience because of the delay, yet the delay is for your own safety only.


You must realize that once you get your UTR number it needs to be kept in a safe place. When you are giving your UTR number to an accountant or other organizations you must know that the person or organization is honest and doesn’t misuse with your UTR number. It is a tricky scene when you are a self-employed man. If you are giving your UTR number to your trusted people who are authorized to see it then it is okay.

Where and How Can You Get & Find Out Your UTR Number

If for self-assessment you have registered then you can find the UTR number in some of these locations:

  • On Tax Return- SA100 Inland Revenue Form
  • On the Notice to Complete the Tax Return – SA316 Inland Revenue Form
  • Your Statement Account

Your UTR number should be located next to these following headings depending on which form you are using:

  • Tax Reference
  • UTR
  • Official Use

What to do if you’ve lost your UTR number

If you are still not able to find your UTR number in any HMRC documents then you must contact on the helpline of the Self Assessment and request them for your UTR number.

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