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Why accountant need a DBS check?

Why accountant need a DBS check?

If you are employed in the Private Household Industry, then you might have come across DBS checks. Nowadays, almost all the families are requesting a comprehensive criminal record check to be done before hiring a new staff member for the household. Not only the household staff but accountants are also recommended to have a DBS check. So, first of let’s try to know in detail about DBS check.

What is a DBS check?

Disclosure and Barring Service Check which is shortly known as DBS was initially named as Criminal Records Bureau check. It has gained significant importance in the Private Household industry over the years. For acquiring most of the positions in this industry one needs to have DBS certification. This helps the employer in great extent in the recruitment process and prevents them from employing inappropriate people to work with a susceptible group of individuals including children and old age people.

DBS check is available in 3 tiers.

  1. Basic- This is the basic level of disclosure. It checks the national Police records for finding the details about present criminal convictions. This is generally used for those applied for immigration or for scrutinizing of tenants or support staffs.
  2. Standard- This check is done for those working with vulnerable groups like children and elderly people. For getting this certification, one needs to have a descent character and no criminal record. Some other people who need to undergo Standard DBS check are those who are to be recruited as accountant, employed in pharmacy, applicants for firearm license or senior officials of banks or other financial institutes. Most of the accounting services or some other organizations while recruiting someone want to make sure that the people they are about to hire on important positions are not from criminal background and don’t have records for fraudulence, drugs offenses or any other crimes.
  3. Enhanced- This is the highest level of disclosure. It is mandatory for the people who are going to acquire the positions which involve caring, training, monitoring. This check is done for the sexual offenses, drug supply and a few other serious crimes.

Now, when you become an accountant, DBS check will rarely be in your mind. It may not be on the priority list of any chartered accountant or any certified accountant, but it is important to note that, it has undoubtedly become one of the most important things since last few years. Once you get complete your graduation and achieve the accountancy certification, you start applying for jobs and prepare for the interview process. While doing all these, don’t overlook the fact that accountant also needs to have a DBS check.

Why does an accountant need a DBS check?

In simple words we can say that, organizations ask accountants for DBS check, because they are given a position in organization which is of very high responsibility. We all know that accountants are responsible for each and every financial affair of the companies and individuals. They measure, disclose and advise about important financial information. This is done on behalf of their employers which can be an organization or an individual. The employers take their significant financial decisions as directed by the accountant.

This is the reason why accountant needs a DBS check. Now, if we think about the legal background behind it, then there is a law insisting about this check. The Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 has specifically mentioned chartered accountant and certified accountant as the professionals who need to have disclosure in order to prove their suitability for the positions.

There is no need of Enhanced check; accountants require only Standard DBS check. As mentioned earlier, the Enhanced check is for the people who work closely with susceptible adults, i.e. people above 18 years of age who either disable or seriously ill and children. This does not apply for most of the accountants as they don’t work with children and rarely work with susceptible adults. Therefore, Standard DBS check is the most suitable disclosure for them.

Standard DBS check discloses all the convictions including financial ones during the screening process. However, it is not necessary that accountancy services reject every candidate who has something to mention in his or her criminal records. Most of the applicants who are considered unsuitable for the role of accountant have convictions on their names related to financial frauds and misconduct. The structure of the Standard DBS check is designed in such a way that it can prove that if the person in question has exhibited proper financial responsibility till date or not.

So, if you are searching for a job as an accountant, appear for the standard DBS check and increase your chances of being selected.

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